Monday, October 29, 2012

Wood County Genealogical Society - September 2012 Newsletter

This is an outstanding newsletter published by the Wood County TX Genealogical Society headquartered at the Quitman Public Library, Quitman TX.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet the Author: R.L. Crump this Friday, Oct 26, 2012!

Author and Lubbock attorney, R.L. Crump, will be signing books at the Quitman Public Library, 202 East Goode Street, Quitman TX.  For more information, visit our website at or call 903-763-4191.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quitman Public Library Expands Genealogy Resources

 SALT LAKE CITY -- Quitman Public Library in Quitman, Texas, is the newest FamilySearch affiliate library.  The new designation means library patrons will have greater and more convenient access to the wealth of genealogical resources available through FamilySearch.

FamilySearch is the world’s largest repository of free genealogical records and manages the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It has amassed billions of birth, marriage, death, census, land and court records of genealogical significance from over 130 countries.

It is extending access to its collections by circulating microfilms of the historic records through select public libraries. Thanks to Library Director, Delene Allen, Quitman Public Library is now one of those libraries.  “It is a priceless resource for local residents interested in discovering more about their family history and being able to document their research,” says Allen.

“Less than 5% of the world’s genealogical records are available online, and most family history researchers cannot afford to travel to an archive center to find historic records they are seeking,” said Paul Nauta, FamilySearch public affairs manager. “If FamilySearch has filmed the records they need, then as far as they will need to travel to view them is the Quitman Public Library in Quitman, Texas.”

Shirley Patrick, Secretary of the Wood County TX Genealogical Society agrees
the ability to order film like this is a great financial saving to genealogists.”

FamilySearch has over 200 camera teams filming historic records in 45 countries on any given day.  These records are then circulated to public patrons through FamilySearch centers worldwide.  For example, FamilySearch has filmed over 60% of the Civil Registration (birth, marriage and death records) of Italy.  If you have Italian ancestry, chances are you will be able to extend your Italian research by requesting the films from Delene Allen, Director of the Quitman Public Library.

“There is a nominal fee of $7.50 to order microfilm,” Allen says.  “Once it arrives, the patrons use the library’s microfilm reader/printer to peruse it.  Our staff, along with volunteers from the Wood County TX Genealogical Society, can help patrons see what films are available, place film orders and help with research questions.”

Patrons can search the Family History Library Catalog online at to see what records are available to order.

Quitman Public Library                               Paul Nauta
Delene Allen                                                FamilySearch Public Affairs Manager
903-763-4191                                               801-240-6498

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: East of Eden

I recently blew the dust off of EAST OF EDEN by John Steinbeck and re-read it for the third time.  In my opinion, EAST OF EDEN is one of Steinbeck’s greatest works. He intended the novel to be autobiographical in depicting how the Steinbeck family came to settle in the fertile California valley. However, Steinbeck says the story changed as he was writing, and it kind of took on a life of its own. 
On the surface, it is an allegory reminding us of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel in Genesis and the battle between good and evil as each son strives to please his father. 
The epic timeline spans the years between the War Between the States through the First World War.  There are two generations of brothers in the story beginning with Adam and his half-brother Charles Trask.  Each son desperately tries to please his father.  Adam’s mother dies, and she is quickly replaced with another woman who bears Charles.  Steinbeck intentionally wants the reader to sense that women seem expendable here.
In the mix, there is an evil yet beautiful vixen, Cathy Ames, who leaves destruction in her wake and pretty much wrecks the lives of both generations of men – as a lover to brothers Adam and Charles, then as a mother to sons Aaron and Caleb.  Steinbeck characterizes Cathy as a manipulative murderous whore who hides her profession under a veneer of sweet innocence.  She fools a lot of men, but Steinbeck makes certain she never fools the reader.
There is a  pattern throughout the story where Steinbeck depicts women as mentally unstable: (Adam’s mother), sickly (Charles’ mother), weak (Cathy’s mother), and pure evil (Cathy). 
The only female with somewhat redeemable attributes comes later in the story.  Her name is Abra, and she is the girlfriend of Adam’s twin sons Aron AND Caleb.  Yes, she dates them both.
On EAST OF EDEN, Steinbeck once wrote, "nearly everything I have is in it, and it is not full. Pain and excitement are in it, and feeling good or bad and evil thoughts and good thoughts."