Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Review - John Borgstedt's "I Love You Mom: Please Don't Break My Heart"

Look at the cover of the book. That is John Borgstedt, a precious child crying as he runs toward his retreating mother as she abandons him yet again. Who can see this child's face and not feel something - anger, sorrow, sympathy, or maybe even empathy?

John Borgstedt's story, though so very painful to read, is a chronicle of his spirit of triumph against all odds. His story documents such painful suffering that is nearly incomprehensible to many, yet so prevalent in our society.

John was a victim of his environment, and he looked to his guardians to keep him safe. Unfortunately, he found neither the love nor protection he needed, and thereby suffered repeated abuse and abandonment. It breaks my heart that he never knew the security a child can feel in his mother's arms. That was withheld from him with malicious intent.

I have heard John speak, and I cried as he bravely stood before us recalling his suffering at the hands of adults. Society let him fall through the cracks, but he survived by the grace of God. I have cried again reading his story and watching his movie/documentary.

John's story gives us an inside view into the cycle of child abuse, and he shows us what could have been done to save him and children like him, and what we can do now. As adults, it is our duty to be aware our society's children and step in to help when we see that they are in danger.

John Borgstedt is a conqueror. He is a big man with a big voice and big message, and serves a BIG GOD who has called him to a great mission. John has overcome the challenges in his life, and is on a full-forward mission to help others. Nothing will stand against him and the God's call on his life.

Contact John Borgstedt and join him making a difference for the sake of our children

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  1. This is a great review, and I felt the same way when I saw the movie.